Jeremiah and I have been married for three months and twenty-four days… when I look back on the time we have been married, it feels like forever, but as I stared at the calendar to count the actual time, it seems like a millisecond! I have a little confession: We have been on the slower side of getting our… View Post

I have a baby face. I see twenty-two and others see twelve. Having a baby face isn’t the worst thing in the world. Being able to take advantage of kid meals and youthful looks in the future almost makes it an asset. Looking really young is basically an invitation for strangers to make comments about your age, eligibility to work,… View Post

While growing up, you constantly hear the phrase “on your own”. Once you hit a certain age or a certain life stage, you are officially on your own. It could be simply being on your own or most specifically paying your bills on your own. When you are really young, the thought of being responsible is terrifying. Then you get… View Post

I have always been terrified of opportunity. I always run the opposite direction when I think a dream is too big or an opportunity is too great. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to be an intern at Southwest Airlines. I applied for a technical writing position for the summer in their central publications department, because my best friend… View Post