Jumping into Joint


Jeremiah and I have been married for three months and twenty-four days… when I look back on the time we have been married, it feels like forever, but as I stared at the calendar to count the actual time, it seems like a millisecond! I have a little confession: We have been on the slower side of getting our stuff together. We have all of these intentions that seemed to get lost in the lull of everyday life; in other words, we are bad at prioritizing. I haven’t managed to get my name changed on most stuff, but I’m working on it. We are always “working on it,” but at some point, you have to just jump in with both feet and go from there.

It has been tricky to keep up with bills ever since we got married. Some of the expenses come out of my bank account while some come out of his and it was difficult to keep track of how much we had, because our income was being sorted into two different locations. Honestly, it was just a big mess! So yesterday, we said goodbye to “working on it” and hello to joint checking.

Sadly, the mess wasn’t cleaned up immediately, but we are well on our way to being more organized and more on top of our finances. Creating a new bank account can be intimidating and comes with its own set of challenges. The biggest one so far is getting all of our direct deposits and bills to go into and come out of our new joint account instead of individuals as well as closing our old accounts at banks that aren’t nearby, but I am excited for our new mindset of getting things done!

From here, we are well on our way to setting up an overall stress-free environment!