A Lesson In Patience And Trust

A couple weeks ago, I was pretty content with my life. I was working a tolerable job that pays decent money, enjoying the bliss of being newly married, and basking in the reality of adulthood. I was truly proud of where I had ended up (for 22!).

Well that changed a couple weeks ago whenย Southwest Airlines reached out to me about a possible job offer. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to shake up what I had going for me. But after speaking with Southwest on the phone, I started to wonder what else was out there and possibly believing this could be a good fit for me, so I agreed to an interview. I was focusing on not getting my hopes up, but after the interview, I realized how unhappy I was settling for the job I have.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the job I have, but the company is making some changes and I am not really on-board with what has been going on. It is just not a place or an industry I see myself in for a long time. I miss interacting with people and letting my personality shine. I miss feeling like an asset and not just an employee. I miss utilizing my talents and abilities. But I really dislike searching and applying for jobs – hence my hesitation for letting Southwest in.

In the beginning, I felt that Southwest reaching out to me was a God-sent. I thought that maybe God saw how I was wasting away my talents and wanted to kickstart my future by sending me this opportunity, but nothing has happened yet. I haven’t received a call saying they want to add me to their team, but I also haven’t been told they don’t. But now I am restless! I can’t stop thinking about needing a change and being unhappy where I am. I can’t stop thinking about how I don’t want to stay at my current company and feeling iffy about the new changes.

I want to trust that God knows what He’s doing. I want to have patience and let Him work. I want to understand how and why he is working in my life. I always want to know all the little details about everything and that is a very difficult trait when trying to be a Christ-follower. As a Christ-follower, we aren’t supposed to know God’s timing or why He makes the decisions He does; instead we are supposed to be patient and actively seeking Him while trusting that He knows what He’s doing.

As always, I’m not perfect, so I am still wrestling with the not-knowing, but I am praying for more patience and trust. Let the waiting continue!

  • David Crane

    Hey Lauren,

    Southwest could be an exciting opportunity! Don’t ever be reluctant to climb to higher levels in the corporate world! God does test us, but we just have to remain patient like you said. He comes through at the exact right time ๐Ÿ™‚ in the mean time we just have to keep our heads to the grind and rely on his plan and his doing.

    Praying for you and the exciting moments ahead for you and your husband!

    • Lauren

      Thanks David! ๐Ÿ˜€ I appreciate the encouragement!